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Glastonbury 2014 ~ Creative photographer

Glastonbury oh Glastonbury…. you have the power to reduce a grown woman to tears. This year’s Worthy Farm Festival was a

glamping, nightingale, cotswolds, holiday, photographer

Down on the great farm…. travel photography

Life has been somewhat challenging of late and there is never enough time to switch off and take stock. What with shooting and editing and

TogFest 2014

I know a bunch of photographers…. they are among some of THE most talented photographers in the UK, if not the world. They


That Was Xmas….

So that was Xmas… we ate our body weight in mince pies, drank far too much champagne, partied like it was 1999 and relaxed…..

Guy sat in Amsterdam Cafe

Tulips in Amsterdam ~ Documentary Photography, Leeds

Canals, clogs and tulips… My trip to Amsterdam. Taking in a Nick Cave gig and the controversial Sinterklaas and Zwarte Pieten

Girls in sand dunes on Dunbar beach

Super Scotland ~ Leeds Photographer

Downtime… it’s like a dirty word in our house. But it’s getting to that time of the year when weddings ease back and I

Love light sign with bride in mini dress

Disco Inferno & The Faversham ~ Leeds Wedding Photographer

I don’t do many styled wedding shoots…. I think they get a bit repetitive and there’s so many photographers out there

Leaves on rome wall

Roman Holiday ~ Destination Photographer

I love Italy… All that pasta, pizza, olives, wine, architecture, history, cheese…. the list is endless. …

Glade Lounge at Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury 2013 ~ Leeds Photographer

There are many words to describe Glastonbury. Eccentric, off kilter, humorous, wild…. but none of these will do. None of them.

Girl riding bike in park with dog

The Insignificant Moments ~ Leeds Photographer

I remember days like these. Warm, sticky, humid afternoons spent in the park with your best friend. Making each other laugh til your sides

stormtrooper graffiti

Star Wars Graffiti ~ Leeds Wedding Photography

How cool is this? Ace graffiti I snapped on the iphone whilst out walking with the boy this morning. I think this could be a cool setting

Woman on thailand beach wearing cowboy hat

A Trip to Thailand ~ Destination Photography

I went to Thailand recently. Me, Ed and Schyler accompanied by our good friends Jamie and Nic boarded a plane and headed for Bangkok. We