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Jo & Ryan’s intimate city wedding at Aspire, Leeds.


As a wedding photographer in Leeds, I spend a lot of time in big venues – barns, tipis, and country houses, partying on down with a ton of guests to a brilliant band. So it’s always a pleasure for me to shoot tiny little weddings – especially when they turn into a full on party with one of my favourite brass ensembles.

Jo and Ryan decided that the big church wedding and all the fluff that comes with it, wasn’t for them. Instead, they got hitched with a handful of family in the Boardroom at Aspire in Leeds.

When I turned up in the morning, Jo was getting her make-up applied by my good friend Victoria Farr at the lovely Quebecs Hotel. I love it there… all that beautiful red brick and sumptuous staircase and stained glass windows. It’s my kind of building. Despite having bought an outfit for the day, there was a last minute change and Jo opted to wear a knee length cream dress along with her green velvet bikers jacket (which Vicki and I have been coveting ever since).

A quick walk over the road, and Ryan was waiting patiently wearing his blue tweed and braces. Their nephews acted as ring bearers/best men, and once the formalities were over, we headed to the streets for a few portraits before enjoying dinner at Aspire in the private dining room. Afterwards, we walked all the wedding party round to the Leeds Water Taxi where we all crammed onto the water bus and headed down the canal to Leeds Dock for a massive knees up.

Now.. it’s at this point I should mention burritos. More people should have burritos at their wedding.. and doughnuts… deffo doughnuts. Jo and Ryan had invited all their friends to Dock29 – complete with red cow, a bi-plane hanging from the ceiling and many many doughnuts, to party hard. And it wasn’t just doughnuts… some amazing Mexican food, shmores and pizza… oh my days! I was in heaven. And if all that wasn’t enough, my good mates Back Chat Brass strolled in to get the party started! And that, my friends, is how a wedding should be. Some booze, some amazing food, some amazing friends and family, some awesome dancing and a great band. All the finest ingredients known to man. You seriously don’t need anything else… apart from me to capture it all for eternity and eat your burritos.

Here’s my highlights of Jo and Ryan’s intimate little city wedding.




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