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Schyler’s 5th Birthday

May 4, 2011

Where did those five years go?

My funky, opinionated, forthright little girl enjoyed her fifth birthday party last weekend and it was a birthday to remember…Just a couple of months back, Schyler declared that she wanted a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang party! I was speechless to say the least. What does one do at a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang party?

Fortunately, the lovely Susie Sparkles from Amethyst Entertainment came to my rescue. Susie knows all there is to know when it comes to parties. Dressed as Truly Scrumptious, Susie entertained Schy and her little friends all afternoon with a variety of activities and I can’t recommend her enough. Not only did she play the uke and sing a mean Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, she is also a deft hand at party games, dancing and generally being lovely. Even the grown ups adored her.

In these days of excess however, I’m not a great lover of children’s birthday parties. All that plastic food, sweeties and over indulgent party bags isn’t my kind of thing – and I apologise to those of you who love all that, but for me, a little tea-party at home with your best friends surrounded by family that adores you and a mummy who goes all out to actually make your birthday personal, wins every time. Whether or not Schy agrees is another matter entirely!

All the paperie goods from the signs on the table to the paper flowers were made by me, I also made all the food whilst Schy’s Aunt Lecky from Dancing Trousers Cookery School conjured up the fantabulous birthday cake. I made my own party bags too filled only with cake and a balloon – just like the good old days.

But each little girl went home armed with a giant paper flower and a sparkly butterfly – what more do little girls need?

So a big thank you to Susie Sparkles and all our lovely family who came to celebrate and brought far too many presents for someone so small.