yorkshire dales wedding photographer

Yorkshire Dales Wedding Photographer

Louise and David’s beautiful country wedding at Yorebridge House. Yorkshire Dales Wedding Photographer.


As a Yorkshire Dales wedding photographer, I see a lot of church weddings and despite the fact that I’m not even the slightest bit religious, I do love a bit of old architecture and I like the feeling of community that some churches create.

But religion isn’t my bag. Relationships however, are. And Dave (the man in charge at St Oswald’s Church in Askrigg) knows a thing about this too.

As I stumbled out of a rickety LandRover after possibly the most crazy journey to a church with a bride I’ve ever experienced, Dave was waiting. He greeted me by name. I almost fell over with excitement.

He then proceeded to instruct me to get some really great shots during Louise and David’s wedding ceremony. At this point, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven (but obviously I don’t believe, so it can’t have been that!).

As lots of my fellow pro photographers will tell you, a great vicar is hard to come by. Generally, we are treated with scorn as soon as we set foot in church and some won’t even let us through the front door. So clergy like Dave fill me with hope.

Because weddings should be happy momentous occasions and if the couple want that bit documenting, then we should all work together to make it as symbiotic, as relaxed and (for me) as unobtrusive as possible.

Dave is the Man.

He conducted Louise and David’s wedding with fun, laughter, some sincere words of advice, threw in a bit of seriousness, and quite frankly, made all the congregation (even non believer me), feel like they were part of something special. Because we were… wedding ceremonies are special. They shouldn’t be something to be endured til we get to the bit where we drink beer!

So thanks Dave.

It made the bit where we threw ourselves on the dancefloor at Yorebridge House afterwards, seem even more amazing.

David and Louise’s wedding was bathed in golden autumnal light. There was many many bottles of beer (ok some of them were empty and used as decoration, but still…). It was also possibly the first wedding where I’ve seen a hand knitted sheep dog, two lambs and, a bench which required vandalism!

What a blummin day!

So Thanks to David and Louise for letting me be their Yorkshire Dales Wedding Photographer,  their wonderful bridesmaids and family and friends and the staff at Yorebridge House who always look after me when I’m up there.

Here’s some of my favourites from their beautiful day at Yorebridge House.


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