Should you invite children to your wedding

Should you invite children to your wedding

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The little people. Ankle Biters. Rabble rousers… call em what you will, but when it comes to kids, the world is a bit divided on whether or not to have them at a wedding. So should you invite children to your wedding?

It’s a contentious issue for sure and one that only you can decide.

On one hand, there’s the cute baby who looks so innocent, with their chubby little cheeks and big eyes and tiny fingers. But then suddenly, and without warning, the little darling decides to fill its’ lungs with air and let the world know its’ displeasure just as the happy couple are mid ceremony leaving the guests to struggle to hear the quiet emotion filled vows.

And there’s the two year old whose world has suddenly imploded because the speeches have begun and she’s made to sit quietly, when clearly it’s way more fun to hide under the table, run round with a balloon and did she mention she’s starving? And no, she doesn’t want the colouring book and the box of crayons thoughtfully provided by the newlyweds.

There’s the pouting sullen teenagers who look uncomfortable in their newly bought wedding outfits they’ve been forced to wear when they’d much rather be in their bedrooms listening to music and watching youtube, rolling their eyes as aunts proclaim “haven’t you grown!”.

On the other hand, some weddings are more joyous, more inclusive, and more well behaved when kids are taking part. And who else is gonna power slide across the dance floor on their knees? And what about the flower girls with their petal scattering prowess leading the way down the aisle earning ‘awwww’s’ from the congregation.

The thing with having kids at a wedding is that it’s about preparation. Kids love to run around and spend their energy – hello bouncy castle! And quite frankly, what adult doesn’t love to whip off their shoes and get on a bouncy castle eh? So if you’re having kids, really go for it. Give them stuff to do… hopscotch with giant chalks, hula hoops, bouncy hoppers, a wendy house and dressing up outfits. A colouring book is ok, but if you really want to keep them quiet during dinner, i’m going to advocate an ipad and headphones (yeah i know, I went there!). Course prising it out of their sticky little mitts afterwards is another matter entirely but hey, it’s not my problem right?

Alternatively, you could bring the little monsters until after dinner and then persuade an amazing grand parent to collect the little darling so the doting parents can have a night off being responsible adults and hit the gin big time. I’ve even been to weddings where the little uns have been shovelled off with a nanny or two to have the time of theirs lives once the drinks reception has ended, so parents can enjoy themselves safe in the knowledge that little Johnny is being well looked after.

But if you’re firmly in the “no kids” camp, expect to ruffle some feathers. There’s always someone whose nose will be put out of joint if they can’t bring the brood… personally, I love a night off from parenting because quite frankly, I’ve got 18 years with the little sod! One night away from them will be like the equivalent of a two week holiday in the sun for single people.

It’s your wedding whichever way you choose to go. Don’t feel pressured to invite them if you don’t want to.. after all, it’s extra mouths to feed on your already spiralling out of control budget. Course if they’re your own kids, then you sort of HAVE to invite them. I think it’s the law. But get someone in to do the actual parenting for the day.

But at the same time, kids are great levellers. They’ll tell the truth and be first on the dancefloor.

Ankle biters… love em or hate em… they’re the future!

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