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On tour with Shed Seven

Just before Christmas, I headed out on the road with the band Shed Seven. Perhaps best known for their singles Going for Gold and Chasing Rainbows, the boys are enjoying a bit of a resurgence of late and have released a new album, Instant Pleasures.

Whilst a lot of music photographers get to shoot in the pit, I wanted to capture the dynamic of the backstage life.. stuff that your average Shed Seven fan doesn’t get to see. The boys getting ready to play gigs, the nervous tension, the waiting and the glamour.. actually there is no glamour fact fans. Backstage of gigs, it’s just dressing rooms the size of cupboards and techs carrying stuff.

This is the sort of stuff I like to do for my soul – no flash… embracing all the scuffed walls, and backstage life as it is.. no polish… no big hero shot… just little tiny moments that for me, are way more interesting that the big shot of one of the guys front and centre. I’ve thrown a handful of pit shots in here too cos ya know, I could.

Anyway, have a look, let me know what you think.  A massive shout out to the Shed Seven geezers (and their techs) for letting my hang round their dressing room/tour bus/backstage, for getting on their nerves and generally wondering what the hell it was I was up to.

The Shed Seven tour continues in Australia in April, but you can catch some of their summer shows in the UK in June.

Shed7 19465 Shed7 19456 Shed7 19435 Shed7 19371 Shed7 19365 Shed7 19341 Shed7 19311 Shed7 19230 Shed7 19214 Shed7 19212 Shed7 19070 Shed7 19027 Shed7 18993 Shed7 18937 Shed7 18925 Shed7 18898 Shed7 18880 Shed7 18858 Shed7 18720 Shed7 18689 Shed7 18667

Shed7 20047 Shed7 19970Shed7 18663Shed7 19958 Shed7 19956 Shed7 19952 Shed7 19935 Shed7 19931 Shed7 19919 Shed7 19916 Shed7 19897 Shed7 19894 Shed7 19888 Shed7 19887 Shed7 19860 Shed7 19771 Shed7 19723 Shed7 19716 Shed7 19701 Shed7 19695 Shed7 19615 Shed7 19584 Shed7 19554

Shed7 20796 Shed7 20687 Shed7 20627 Shed7 20622 Shed7 20612 Shed7 20607

Shed7 20549

Shed7 20480 Shed7 20399 Shed7 20393 Shed7 20309 Shed7 20302 Shed7 20294 Shed7 20257 Shed7 20234 Shed7 20210 Shed7 20170 Shed7 20165 Shed7 20150 Shed7 20142 Shed7 20133 Shed7 20089

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