TogFest 2014

Togfest by Toast of Leeds Photography


I know a bunch of photographers…. they are among some of THE most talented photographers in the UK, if not the world. They got da skillz. they are also humble, beautiful and funny. They also believe in sharing the knowledge.

A bunch of us got together in Birmingham recently to talk the talk. Some of them may have been a little worse for wear.  There may have also been some beard stroking – I couldn’t possibly comment.

Thanks to JohnBoy “I used to be a DJ” Hope for rounding us up, to Lee “Touch My Beard” Allen for finding us a Guy Garvey looky-like-y (aka Andy) and his beautiful wife Kate, to shoot, and to Alan “I only buy a new coat every four years” Law for breaking my brain with his SEO stuff. And to the rest of those crazy Togbookers – you know who you are. I salute you!

P.S. Miki – I BELIEVE!!!!!!!! (you know I’m kidding right?…right?)


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