Carlton Towers Wedding Photography

Carlton Towers Wedding Photography

Katherine and Nick’s Stately Home Wedding at Carlton Towers, York

Carlton Towers Wedding Photographer.


Carlton Towers is my kind of place. As a wedding photographer, it ticks each and every one of my boxes. Beautiful light – tick. Amazing architecture – tick. Sumptuous interiors – tick… throw in a beautiful bride, a handsome groom, two gorgeous families and a host of party animals, and it is the perfect recipe for an amazing wedding.

Katherine and Nick had not one, but two ceremonies at Carlton Towers. The first was a lovely personalised affair with a celebrant in front of all their guests. It was perfect. The sun shone through the big windows, all the fellas were dressed to impress in their tuxedos, and Katherine and Nick exchanged vows under the boughs of cherry trees. There were quite a few happy tears and a lot of laughs.

The second ceremony at Carlton Towers was a little more intimate. Just the happy couple, their parents and the registrars who bore witness to the legal bit. I wasn’t supposed to be shooting the second ceremony, but I couldn’t help myself and found myself shooting from afar because whilst the first ceremony had been the one they will both treasure, I thought it important to at least document a tiny fraction of the legal bit for posterity’s sake.

There was bucketloads of confetti, some amazing chocolate cake, a beautiful flower girl, a bevvy of gorgeous bridesmaids in pink gowns, a whole host of handsome groomsmen who, I have to say, were pretty well behaved, and hand written notes for all of the guests.

In the morning, Katherine handed over gifts to her mum and dad, and to be honest, I had all on trying to keep it together as her dad unwrapped specially created cufflinks with tears in his eyes. Like I said, lots of happy tears.

The speeches, as you can imagine, were just as emotion filled. But when the best men busted out the guitar for a specially created speech/song… well the crowd went wild!

All that was left, was to finish off the ale that Nick and his Dad had created especially for the wedding, and bust some moves on the dance floor – although Nick took that to the literal sense and split his trousers whilst lunging like Elvis! Class.

Huge thanks to Katherine and Nick for trusting me to capture both their weddings at Carlton Towers.


Here’s a few of my favourite images from their Carlton Towers Wedding.




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