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How to Celebrate our Loved Ones at Weddings

Sometimes it’s a photograph. Sometimes it’s a book. And sometimes it’s a piece of precious jewellery.

When it comes to weddings, it’s inevitable that we want to ensure all our important people are with us.  But more often than not, there are people missing from our guest list because they are missing from our lives. And whilst we might not think about them on a day to day basis, we carry their legacy around with us constantly. So it makes perfect sense that come your wedding day, you want to celebrate the people missing from your lives.

I’ve seen tables full of beautiful wedding pictures from missing grandparents, I’ve seen lockets hanging from bouquets, and rings passed from generation to generation. I’ve seen pocket watches proudly displayed by grooms that once belonged to grandfathers, and tiny little mementoes tucked away down wedding gowns. If they can’t be with us, we shall surely make sure our people are celebrated at our weddings, come what may.

The beautiful Amy was handed a lovely ageing box by her bridesmaid and put on this bracelet that belonged to her grandmother. It was perfect. She did this in a room stuffed full of books that once belonged to her mum, as we counted down the minutes before she headed off to marry her Matt. Of course, the speeches contained beautiful anecdotes of missing parents and grandparents, but it’s the little things that matter a great deal.

So while you might be missing a grandparent, a parent, a brother or sister, or a best friend, we carry them with us in our hearts and in precious little items like jewellery and books.

We might not be able to hug them, drink champagne with them or have a steadying hand down the aisle, but they are always with us.

Here’s to Amy’s people… and everyone else who is missing someone at their wedding.

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