Rustic Festival Outdoor Wedding at Fforest Farm, Wales. Creative alternative wedding photography.

Come to Wales they said… it’ll be great they said…. They were bloody right you know!

I met Kim and Rhian at Kate & Katie’s wedding Kate & Katie’s wedding. Kim was a bridesmaid and proved to be excellent at making me laugh. So a few months later, Kim and her partner Rhian decided that they couldn’t live without my face (or maybe my photography skills) and begged me to join them on their Welsh wedding adventure to Fforest Farm Fforest Farm.

It went like this… MUA Vic Farr and me packed up the van festival style, drove seven hours to deepest darkest Wales, fuelled only by coffee and McDonalds. We arrived and drank some booze and I took some pictures. There was a quiz, some campfires, marshmallow toasting, the best pizza and homemade soup, washed down with more booze as we watched the golden sun set behind the Welsh mountains. Then I froze my ass off as the temperature plummeted over night and I’d not brought my thermals.

Then we were up with the lark, as Vic worked her way through 11 hair and make-up services whilst I prowled the wonderful Fforest in search of coffee. When it comes to wedding venues, if you love it rustic, Fforest is for you. It’s possibly one of my most favourite laid back wedding venues ever.

Nestled in an old quarry, Fforest is a series of glamping biomes, wooden huts, and kitchen garden rooms with it’s own rustic pub, a barn, and a tipi. Basically, it’s got it all. So, as the sun shone on the Welsh hills, Kim and Rhian walked with their entourage down to the quarry, (armed with a bottle of fizz to swig out of just in case nerves kicked in during the five minute walk!) to exchange emotional vows in Rhian’s homeland.

Then there was a proper legal bit, a few pints of cider, festival glitter, speeches that went on for a hundred years, matching denim jackets (lovingly personalised by Kim), a banging band, and a whole load of laughs. Oh yeah… and it was bloody freezing! By the evening, we’d all donned jumpers and woolly hats, as well as beer jackets! But it’s Wales innit? Camp fires were built, whisky was consumed, dancing commenced and at least it wasn’t raining.

Huge thanks to Kim and Rhian for having me and my bestie to share their crazy weekend with, and high fives to their awesome families and their bunch of very hilarious mates who kept me on my toes whilst also filling my glass at every available opportunity. In no particular order, here’s some of my favourites from their Fforest wedding.

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