do we need an engagement shoot

Do We Need an Engagement Shoot?

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Reasons why you should have a love or engagement shoot

Love shoot, couple shoot, engagement photography…. call it what you will, but when it comes to E-shoots, I’m all about you.

Engagement shoots have fallen out of favour over the last couple of years – probably something to do with the fact that here in the UK, we hate the cheesy pictures of a couple in an uninspiring park. I can’t blame you.

But e-shoots don’t have to take place in a park and they don’t have to be cheesy or forced. I’m all about celebrating who you are. Whether you’re a rock n roll leather jacket clad couple who spend their days listening to vinyl, or mad cyclists who love tearing down a mountain at breakneck speed, photographing you both doing what you love together is way more important to me than having you kiss under a tree in the local park.

Some people think that couple shoots are just to get used to your wedding photographer, but it can be so much more than that. Considering we live in a ‘selfie’ Instagram generation, having proper beautiful photographs of ourselves, is low on our agenda. We tend to only choose professional photographs when we are planning to get married or when we have a family. But timeless beautiful photographs of you both together are a lasting record of your life, of your romance (vom), of a moment in time.

I love to look at old photographs of my parents and grandparents… seeing what they wore, how they looked, what hair styles were in fashion, what cars they were driving, and how in love they looked. There’s something very tender about those photographs – and make no mistake, they are photographs. Not digital media, but real ‘in your hand tangible’ prints.

I always like to tell my clients that having a wedding album is important because we never know how digital media is going to age, and having something printed for your grandchildren to look at when usb’s are no longer viable, is really really important.  But in the UK, we have this assumption that we need an excuse to hire a professional photographer, and weddings and babies are a really good excuse. However, we shouldn’t need an excuse to make a lasting legacy of images for your parents, your children and your grandchildren to enjoy.

I travel all over the UK to photograph weddings and engagements, and there is a certain freedom to hanging out with couples, getting to know what makes them tick, exploring urban backstreets, rustic woodlands and iconic landmarks and taking some nice relaxed images of them together. No forced smiles, no crazy poses – just cool portraits and gorgeous pictures of people at a moment in time – authentic moments amid all the chaos of our lives.

And it’s not for the ‘about to be newlyweds’ either. No matter whether you’re 28 or 58, love should be celebrated at all times, because in 20 years, you’ll have some more of those gorgeous little laughter lines, possibly a little less hair, but you’ll still be in love.

Engagement shoots take place in a location of your choice (within a 50 mile radius of Leeds) and take approximately one hour. Afterwards, you’ll get a bunch of beautiful images to download from your online gallery.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s make some magic together and photograph your life on this incredible journey as it is right now… so that you, and your kids, can remember how you were in that exact moment – crazy in love.

And if you’re planning on getting married, you can check out my portfolio or give me a shout to check my availability.

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