Behind the Scenes Hasselblad Heroines 2022 shoot with Lisa Devlin

Last year, I had the privilege to be invited down to Brighton to work alongside my good mate Lisa Devlin to record her as part of the Hasselblad Heroines 2022 award.

Lisa is a massively successful music, fashion and wedding photographer and runs the brilliant Photography Farm online school. Like me, she’s been shooting for what seems like forever so when Hasselblad announced their Hasselblad Heroines for 2022, it’s no surprise that Lisa was on the list.

Every year, Hasselblad selects a small bunch of females from around the globe to celebrate their achievements and empower female photographers everywhere. As part of this, Lisa had to produce some images with the latest Hasselblad camera alongside a little video of her in action. And, she called me up and asked me if I fancied a trip down to Brighton to shoot it. How could I say no?

It was one of the smallest shoots I’ve ever done. Me, Lisa, MUA and hair, and a model. That was it. No florist, no venue, no prop hire, no rings, no caterer… just us. It was liberating to say the least.

We spent a day shooting in just two rooms inbetween drinking tea and shooting the breeze. It was bloody lovely.

Obviously I was there primarily shooting video, but I squeezed in some behind the scenes stills of Lisa in action using the Hasselblad, and stole a few frames of the model myself that you can see below. See, organising a shoot doesn’t have to involve 100 people! You can get portfolio stuff with the minimum of fuss.

You can check out Lisa’s Hasselblad award post here.

Hasselblad Heroines 2022 with Lisa Devlin. Wedding photography, Yorkshire. Photography by Shelly Mantovani at Toast of Leeds. If you’re getting married in the future in Leeds, York or elsewhere in Yorkshire, get in touch by visiting my photography website at or you can find me on  Facebook,  Instagram or Pinterest. I photograph weddings across the UK in tipis, barnscountry houses , iconic hotels, Industrial warehouses, town halls and cool city boozers . For more information and to check availability, contact me now.

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