Every wedding is different and unique which is why I believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to photography packages.

Want me there early morning? No problem. Want me to stay tiil midnight? No problem. Want 8 hours of coverage? No problem.  Whatever length of coverage you have in mind, you pay per hour. 

There’s a minimum booking of five hours, but after that, you’re free to choose as many hours as you like.

Most of my couples find that 10 hours is perfect – just enough time for a little bit of wedding morning prep, ceremony, cocktail hour, family formals, portraits, speeches, first dance and then a little bit longer. But if you want me to shoot your midnight pool party, or you need me early morning, that’s totally fine too. You’re in charge.


A free no obligation consult where you can tell me all about your wedding plans and get to know each other. 

A personalised highlights slideshow set to music. 

500+ Carefully hand-edited hi-res & lo-res images for you to download so you can print as many as you like. 

An easy-to-use online gallery so you can share all your images with your friends and family whilst having complete control over what they see. It also has print purchase options so you can order lovely prints, design an album or order thank you cards. 


Authentic & Timeless

You are my inspiration. My photographs are timeless and contemporary for people who like to do things a little differently. Getting all your family and friends in one room together happens once in a lifetime – let’s cherish this incredible day by recording all those authentic moments forever. 

£250 per hour

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How I Work…

When it comes to shooting your big day, I’m pretty hands off. I’ve been doing this crazy job for so long that I know the subtle nuances of each individual part of a wedding day, so I know when to be in the right place at the right time to capture all the magic and mayhem. You might not see me, but rest assured I’ll be there ensuring I capture the momentous big things, and all the little moments too.


The morning of a wedding, is one of my favourite bits of the day. This is where I get to know my ‘entourage’. How the bridesmaids take their gin, helping nervous groomsmen, and watching brides blossom in the make-up chair. I’m there to bare witness to the moment that incredible gown goes on, and I can even tie a double windsor and pin a button hole in seconds!

Through it all, I’ll be there, shooting all the beautiful fragments as they unfold… the knowing look across the room from your mum, the hugs from your best friends, the laughs and the happy tears. I see it all from the back of the camera knowing that these are the precious times.  



Whilst I truly believe that family formals are an important part of the day, we don’t need to make them painful or especially time consuming. 

Thanks to our online questionnaire, I have a list of your family formal pictures in advance of the wedding, so that come the big day, there’s no shouting, no fuss, no standing around for hours.


When it comes to portrait time, we keep it short and sweet and effortlessly cool. If you’re the kind of couple who isn’t afraid to hide your love, then be my guest and cosy up. 

If you’re the kind of couple who would rather punch each other on the arm and laugh like you’ve just inhaled Nitrous Oxide, we’re all good. Be the couple that you are! Your portraits shouldn’t be some generic ’stand in the doorway with your dress fanned out’ nonsense that takes hours. They should celebrate your love, show your passion, and be done and dusted so you can get back to the party and drink cocktails.  And if you always feel a bit awkward in front of the camera, relax… you’re in safe hands. I’ve been doing this job for so long that even the most camera-shy couple tell me how relaxed and fun the portraits were.


I love the speeches. Those tender moments as your dad tries to hold it all together whilst telling the world how beautiful you look. The hilarious poetry your bridesmais created especially to embarrass you. The astonishing and eyebrow raising best man’s speech! 

Every week I get to witness beautiful stories and hilarious anecdotes, and even when I think I’ve heard it all, I still find myself shedding the odd tear. I’m there to witness and record all those vulnerabilities, all the happy tears and the laugh out loud moments – like the groom wishing the floor would suddenly open and swallow him whole. And when the day is done, you can look back on your images and relive all those emotions once more. 


I love a great party! I’m a Glastonbury veteran so I know that the real action happens after the tequila shots! I’m not a wall flower and you won’t find me shooting from the edge of the dance floor. I like to get in the action and party hard with those crazy assed bridesmaids and hard drinking groomsmen. 

From the first dance, to the worm, I’ve seen and photographed the lot, so let’s get this party started!



What Happens After…

Whilst you’re nursing a hangover from the Espresso Martinis, I’ll be hard at work editing your photographs. Once I’ve chosen your photographs, carefully discarding those that don’t meet my strict criteria, I then painstakingly hand edit them to an extremely high standard. I devote hours to each of your images making sure they are at their very best so that you will love them for years to come. 

The finished heirloom photographs then make their way to our state-of-the-art online gallery where you can view and share them with friends and family. You can then download them and print them yourself, or you can use our professional online print facility straight from the app… you can even order a beautiful hand made album without leaving your gallery.

“Thankyou so much for our BEAUTIFUL photos! They are absolutely amazing! We expected that they would be great but they’re just stunning! I cried when I watched the slideshow… then I sent it to my parents and they both cried! There are no words to express how happy we are. Thank you very very much.” – Marika & Stu



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“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” – ANSEL ADAMS