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Kat & Jeremy’s Beautiful Outdoor Wedding and Epic Party in Oxford


Oxford Wedding Photographer

Throwing an epic wedding requires a few ingredients.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to some amazing weddings where it’s been four people in a  room, but an epic wedding takes skills.

First of all, you need a ridiculously fun bride and groom. You need friends who can handle their booze (and some who clearly can’t), an amazing celebrant, an incredible brass band, one heck of a DJ, awesome food, amazingly good cocktails, and some bespoke trainers (ok that last part may not be entirely necessary).


When Kat married Jeremy down in the lovely Oxfordshire countryside, the epicness was off the scale. Firstly, they had a small but beautifully formed ceremony in the local church where Kat’s parents were married some years before. The following day, the gloves were off.


There was a second HalfPenny London outfit for Kat, some killer heels, and an incredible bouquet from Grace and Thorn. Make-up by the lovely VictoriousMUA, two amazing bridesmaids who made me laugh and threw booze at me all day long and a bevy of beautiful little people who accompanied Kat on her wedding tractor dressed in their finest.


The truly incredible Zena Birch (and if you don’t know her, she’s only the best wedding celebrant known to man) was in charge of proceedings in a garden a stone’s throw from Kat’s family home. It was also the perfect spot to remember Kat’s Dad, as the location heralded his favourite view of the local landscape. There was a lot of laughter, a few tears, some tremendous singing, and a human table.


My good mates Back Chat Brass surprised everyone by bursting into the ceremony, and danced us down the lane behind the wedding tractor back towards the party.


Kids ran riot, adults did some drinking, we all did some dancing.


Kat and Jeremy held their celebration in Kat’s mum’s garden which looked pretty incredible.  Styling in the tent was done by the hugely talented One Stylish Day, with flowers from Grace and Thorn.


Once we’d wolfed down some fine fare, there were cocktails to consume, shapes to throw and madness to behold. When I finally pack away my gear at the end of the night (having done a spot of breakdancing before I leave, obvs), I always know its been a bloody amazing day when I’m reluctant to leave. This was one of those days.


>Massive thanks to Kat and Jeremy for letting me be a tiny part of their amazing wedding. And to all their friends who let me take endless pictures of them all, who laughed with me, danced with me and shared their booze. I thank you.



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