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Why You Should Have a Wedding Video?

April 18, 2019


Yorkshire Wedding Videographer in Leeds, Sheffield and York

Everyone wants to be a movie star right?

I remember the 80s… the shoulder pads, the big hair… the pouffy sleeves on Princess Diana’s wedding dress.

Wedding video back then was equally as big, bold and brash as those fashions. Films that went on forever and included some pretty dodgy state of the art effects. And the video arrived on cassette in a leatherette case embossed with “Our Wedding”. Shudder.

Occasionally on special occasions, we would dig them out and laugh at the fashions, the terrible effects and fast forward through long boring church ceremonies, and speeches that were badly lit and saved only by the awful jokes.

Thank heavens times have changed.

Wedding films now owe more to Hollywood studio films than they do to some guy from your local high street with an enormous camera and the biggest tripod you’ve ever seen.

>No longer do we have to sit through hours of our guests awful singing of hymns, or the lengthy speeches where the groom thanks all the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the caterers, the florist and everyone else in-between. Wedding films are much much more than they used to be.

Shot on small DSLRs, they are short, sweet and infinitely stylish. They are mini films with beautiful highlights you just don’t want to miss.

Don’t get me wrong, as a wedding photographer, nothing beats great stills, but capturing the very essence of the atmosphere, and the sounds of you both exchanging your vows, or your Dad’s emotional speech, video cannot be beaten.

I know what you’re thinking though, why not just get a friend with a smart phone to record it all…?

Well first off, modern cameras are amazing in low light. Like seriously amazing. A crowded darkly lit dance floor, or rustic wedding barn with no windows, is no problem for professional video cameras, and most cameras have stability built in so no shaky footage – not so much your smart phone.

Then there’s all the little tiny details that make up your day… small things that a videographer knows to capture in order to make sure your wedding story encompasses every little detail. Plus your mate will probably be enjoying the bar and the food too much to actually have time to film everything you want capturing.

Our cameras are teeny tiny Sonys. The same cameras we shoot your photographs with, so no massive tripods in the way to trip over and as discreet as they come – so discreet that at pretty much every single wedding I’ve shot video at, most of the guests think I’m just another photographer.

And finally, the edit. Our wedding video edits are cut, coloured and graded in exactly the same style as our photography, so your wedding film will be as timeless as your photographs.

Most film packages include a short highlights reel – think of it like the trailer you see at the cinema… two minutes of the best bits! Just enough to make your mum cry, and short enough to keep your guests wanting more.

A complete film usually includes some epic moments from the dance floor, some moving bits of the speeches, the important bits from the ceremony and lots of cool bits in-between – so somewhere in the region of 15 minutes.

Of course, if you really want to capture the ceremony in all it’s candlelit, romantic, emotional glory, we can film that too. Same goes for speeches. If you want to preserve the beautiful words, the laughter and the tears forever, we also offer a complete speech package too. I can’t vouch for the bad jokes from the best man however!

After all the planning, and all the energy you’ve expended in getting the day perfect, it makes perfect sense capture it all on film. Be the star of your very own film.

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch and book your video today.